Together Textiles is a husband (Guven) and wife (Allie) duo pursuing a dream of sharing the ancient textile craftsmanship of Turkey to a new region of the world: the Americas!

In 2014, Guven decided to leave his full time job in Istanbul, and relocate to the United States to live near family and begin a new adventure! Soon after his arrival, he met Allie and they became fast life & business partners.

Together Textiles was officially born in Columbus, OH in 2017. Our textiles are designed in the United States by us: combining design knowledge, a vast background in retail, and education to reflect a product balance of authentic Turkish culture with a fresh, modern twist.

Where are Together Textiles made?

One to two traditional looms sits on the first floor of the houses in Guven’s hometown in Turkey. Each textile is made one at a time utilizing the same techniques through generations of textile makers. The sounds of the looms at work is referred to as the ‘heartbeat’ of the town.

Once the products have been made, we import them to be sold at markets, specialty boutiques, and spas around the United States and available for online purchase.

Thank you for supporting this ancient craft and our family community of textile artisans in Turkey.