How large are Turkish towels compared to standard towels?

Standard towels are generally 27” x 52'' while Turkish towels are 35” x 70''

What is a Turkish Towel?

Turkish towels are made on a loom using Turkish cotton and bamboo using ancient techniques in Turkey. Legend has it that Turkish towels were the first towel ever invented in Bursa, Turkey in the 17th Century. Common names: Turkish Pestemal, Foutas and Hammams.


How to use your Turkish towel?

At home: throw, shawl, tapestry, decor, bath towel, pool towel, hair towel, end of bed blanket, table cover, skirt, dress, yoga mat cover, blanket fort

Travel: beach towel, beach blanket, sarong, stroller cover, picnic blanket, carry on blanket, scarf, sun protection, boat towels, seat cover in car, high chair padding, stroller blanket, yoga towel

How to care for your Turkish towel?

Machine wash cold, Hang Dry – Turkish towels get softer and more absorbent with use as the cotton fibers continue to be massaged. Cotton will shrink if exposed to extreme temperatures in the dryer.