detailed care instructions 

  1. For best results, soak towel in cool water overnight to open the cotton fibers to increase absorbency (This will take place naturally overtime with use so it is okay if you already missed this step!)

  2. You must wash your towel before use: cold water, gentle cycle. Do not overuse soap or detergent. It is harsh on natural cotton and isn't necessary.

  3. Transport towel directly from the washing machine to hang dry in your bathroom so it is ready for use next time! You can tumble dry low but it is not recommended. You will be amazed how quick these towels dry naturally!

  4. Fringe is durable but may come untied after extended use. I ensure knots are tightened before wash, however there is a simple solve if one unties. Read below for a simple step by step fix.

Fixing untied Fringes on your turkish towel

  1. Separate the threads into two equal sections.

  2. Twist each section in a clockwise direction

  3. Twist both sections together in a counter-clockwise direction

  4. Knot tightly at the end